Senior Legal Research Officer

Title:  Senior Legal Research Officer, FEFAO
Duty station Kabul- Afghanistan with possible trips to the provinces
Duration 31 December 2016 with the three months probationary
Salary Based on organization salary skills
Closing date 16:00 pm- July 25, 2016

Terms of Reference (TOR) for Senior Legal & Research Officer (SLRO)

Under the direct supervision of Elections and Citizen Participation Program Manager, the Senior Legal & Research officer has the responsibility to lead and work with the research, reporting and translation team that support different FEFA projects and activity components. The SLRO will closely work with elections, women and youth participation team as well as Parliamentary Monitoring program components in the field of researches, surveys, data analysis and technical reporting. The SLRO is the source of communication with other teams within FEFA’s programs as well as with M&E team. The SLRO is responsible for developing the framework for all researches, surveys, and analytical reporting activities. The SLRO should technically support and work with all FEFA’s program teams to improve system and methodologies for data collections and analysis, both for qualitative and quantitative approaches. The SLRO is responsible to ensure that FEFA produces highly productive products to the public through innovative models, and He/ She should invest on the system to support efficient, and sustainable mechanisms- practices in its related field.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

The Senior Legal and Research Officer’s responsibilities will include, but not limited to:


  1. In close cooperation of team members, develop and maintain the research team’s work plan based on the activities-plan that is developed and approved for FEFA’s monthly and annual accomplishments;
  • In coordination and collaboration of HR team, develop the terms of reference for research team members;
  • Representing research team and taking part in inter-departmental working groups;
  • Oversee and execute research unit plan to ensure that the research activities is conducted within a set of time frame, ensuring quality control of research and monitor the activities of research team;
  • Preparing and sending the teams activity report to the Program Manager and M&E for monthly and quarterly reports;
  1. Communicating with other program teams to ensure that the data is properly handled and updated into their relevant sub databases;
  • Contribute to internal development of systems, processes and programming, data output methods, statistical models and data collection; 
  • Reviewing the draft reports of all program section to be in a right way based on structure developed by the Reporting /analyst team & requirement of the projects;
  • Analyzing the data & Designing of developed reports by program teams;
  • Develop graphs, maps, and support teams for presentations of data and analytical results for distribution within and outside FEFA;
  • Commenting on drafted research and data instruments such as guidelines, checklists, questionnaire… and editing the draft report;
  1. Designing, implementing and maintaining a proper data entry system for the collected data and a database for storing data;
  • Drafting research specifications and choosing how to collect the data;
  • Transform, validate, and model data with the purpose of understanding the data best suited to address given questions;
  • Cleaning and analyzing the quantitative and qualitative data for the report and helping with the preparation of infographics;
  • Explore and apply new data visualization techniques to increase insight and visibility to data trends;
  • Contribute to developments in survey including online survey systems, and perform data output and statistical analysis;  
  1. Planning capacity building training programs, workshops and seminars to enhance professional capacity of team members;
  • Preparing the training materials for and guiding the trainer the way the materials should be presented;
  • Advise and train analysts. Contribute to the performance management of Data Analysts;
  1. Develop/set-up database for data processing of paper questionnaires, and also FEFA’s LTOs, STOs and Partners, and initialize a screening process to respond to FEFA’s deployment plan for observers, enhance the indication and quality for accountability and transparency in FEFA’s mission and observers’ assessment.
  2. Conduct desk review of a program topic, and carry out a literature review of a national and global practices to address best exercises that may be applicable in the context of Afghanistan;
  3. Develop analysis tools and solutions to maximize efficiency, contribute to online and social media research, and web research projects;
  4. Undertaking any other responsibility assigned by the supervisor.


  1. At least bachelor’s degree from one of the recognized universities in social sciences, law and economics; or equivalent experience
  2. Excellent computer skills, proficient in using data analyzing software and database administration
  3. Proficient in both English and Dari typing
  4. Knowledge of office and library filling systems
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills, goal oriented, polite and highly honest person
  6. Excellent administrative skills
  7. Excellent communication and people skills, team player and works well under pressure
  8. Excellent organizational and analytical skills
  9. Capacity to respond effectively and efficiently in a high demanding situation


  • Minimum four years of experience in research and data analysis
  • Experience in data management
  • Experience in administrative management, supervision and team leading


  • Fluency in English and national languages, as well as reading and writing

Applications should send an application and CV in English to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.not later than 16:00 pm- July 25, 2016


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