FEFA’s Coordination Meeting with IEC

September 13, 2017

The leadership of Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) held a meeting with the members and chief electoral officer of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to submit FEFA’s monitoring report from the second 100 days of IEC performance to IEC.

At the beginning of the meeting, the executive director of FEFA thanked organizers of the meeting and explained some parts of the report. He requested members of IEC to read the report and then share their views about it with FEFA. Similarly, he pointed out the previous recommendations made and presented to the IEC along with the report of IEC performance in first 100 days and criticized members of IEC for inattention to them. Given the IEC and stakeholders status and short time available to parliamentary and district council elections, he presented the new recommendations to IEC and requested them to consider the recommendations made by the electoral organizations.




  1. It has been some time that IEC is working on verification of polling centers and make attempts to prepare the voters list. Meanwhile, preparation of voters list depend on determination of electoral constituencies. Henceforth, IEC must determine the destiny of electoral constituencies.
  2. Given government’s inattention to IEC’s independency, IEC must define the indicators of independency and act accordingly.
  3. The 2014 electoral challenges decreased public trust on IEC and election process. Therefore, IEC is recommended to assure transparency of procurement process of electronic machinery needed for preparation of voters list and prevent leaving any gap in this regard. Likewise, IEC must make sure about the durability and efficiency of these machineries at the time of purchase.
  4. Employment of qualify people as electoral staff is a precondition for election intactness so the IEC must transparently run the employment process and prevent interventions in this regard to assure election intactness.
  5. Dysfunction of IEC’s provincial offices can harm election intactness and lead notoriety of IEC and election process. Hence, IEC must bolster its supervision mechanism on its provincial offices and deliver its messages to them accurately to prevent any creation of any problem.

Subsequently, members of IEC thanked FEFA for its monitoring efforts and cooperation with IEC and requested FEFA to assist IEC in identification indicators for independency which was accepted by FEFA. Similarly, members of IEC promised to take the following measures to improve IEC and election process:

  1. Providing vehicle cards for election observation organizations to facilitate their commuting to IEC;
  2. Study the report and sharing its comments with FEFA until September 16, 2017;
  3. Paying attention to the constructive and corrective recommendations of election observation organizations to improve the electoral stages;


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