FEFA’s Proposal on Government’s Demand for the Parliament’s Review of the Law on IEC and ECC Composition, Duties and Competences

Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan Organization (FEFA) believes that approval of the law on IEC  and ECCs’ Composition, Duties and Competence is an important step towards empowering the current  electoral system of the country. Having the Law on IEC and ECC under debate in the Parliament, MPs   are urged to carefully and accurately review the law because any deadlock in the endorsement and  enforcement process can enervate all the efforts made by the Parliament, CSOs and political parties in  this regard. Therefore, FEFA proposes a set of recommendations to avoid any possible impediment that  might hinder the approval of this law. The recommendations are as follows:

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FEFA’s Proposed Advisory Draft on Electoral Law


Continued reform of the electoral system is a basic necessity to institutionalise democracy in countriesthat have passed their preliminary experiencesin elections. This is aimed at enriching the legalsystem governing elections by making an effective use of lessonslearnt by people and stakeholdersin their experiences with election processes.

Support for electoral reform and extensive civil participation is important to pave the ground for free and fair elections in a country, which can increase people’s sense of ownership of political processes.
Support for electoral reform and extensive civil participation is important to pave the ground for free and fair elections in a country, which can increase people’s sense of ownership of political processes.

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Lawmakers Support Election Law Amendments: FEFA

TOLOnews.com Wednesday, 29 August 2012
The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) said Wednesday that most Afghan parliamentarians want amendments to the election law.
In a recent poll conducted by the group, the majority of lawmakers favoured a change in the law - specifically in the structure, duties and authority of the Afghan Independent Election Commission, FEFA chief Jandad Spinghar said at a briefing Wednesday.
The briefing in Kabul included representatives from FEFA, political parties, social activists, the UN and other national and international bodies' in Afghanistan.
"We wanted to give a clear picture to the political parties and social activists as to how much enthusiasm there is among Afghan lawmakers to approve the new law," Spinghar said.
According to Spinghar, the lawmakers want all the election commissioners to gain vote of confidence from the parliament to hold their position in order to ensure their impartiality, effectiveness, independence, and qualifications.
He also added that the new election law should also be supported by Afghan president, cabinet and politicians.
"In order to have an independent and impartial and professional election commission, President Karzai, the cabinet, the parliamentarians and all politicians should support the election law," he said. Continue Reading on http://tolonews.com/en/afghanistan/7382-lawmakers-support-election-law-amendments-fefa-

Survey on the Commposition, Mandate & Duties of IEC

The democratization process needs the political structure to be reformed taking the realities ofthe society into account. To this end, we have to increase public awareness and engage CSOs more in this process.Elections, as an important part of the democratization process are used to bring elected officials into power. In order to hold transparent elections, the institutions responsible for administering elections should be regulated clearly with a law.

Noting the lessons FEFA learned from two presidential elections and two parliamentarian elections, it has been proven that some problems are directly related to structural and legal framework of the Independent Election Commission.
Afghanistan’s electoral system will encounter serious problems in the future if these existing problems are not resolved. A major challenge is the lack of the Law on the Commission’s Composition, Duties and Mandate and this has undermined the credibility of this body.

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