Series of Lessons Learned 1sth Report

The main purpose of this report is to provide IEC with specific recommendations to bring about positive changes for better conduct of the second round runoff. FEFA, in order to cooperate with the commission in holding a more fair and credible second round, will provide a series of analyses on major lessons learned that are considered significant to the process. The first issue that FEFA want to bring to the commission’s attention is the early shortfall of ballots and its relation with the fraud. This brief paper also provides an evaluation of the IEC’s decisions to address the issue for the runoff.
Running short on ballot papers within barely two hours of voting in number of polling stations was a serious concern observed by FEFA’s observers. Ballot papers can run short in a normal process too as long as they withstand at least the first 5-6 hours of voting. But the issue of concern is a potential correlation between the premature ballot shortfalls and ballot stuffing in most of these polling stations. This issue could also be linked to those incidents where observers were denied entrance to number of polling stations in early hours of voting.
This initial report mainly focuses on premature ballot shortfalls and its relation with other irregularities and fraudulent acts occurred in the same polling stations.

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