Campaign Violations Report (16 June‐ 16 July) Summary

Wednesday, 08 June 2011 04:08 PM

The electoral campaign process is an important opportunity for both candidates and voters to exercise their rights. Candidates can promote their policies and use this opportunity to receive support. At the same time, this phase is an opportunity for the voters to identify their desired candidate. Therefore, the existence of procedures for establishing equal opportunities for candidates in the electoral campaign and preventing violations is very important. FEFA started its campaign‐observation mission on 16th June and this report covers the violations reported to us in the period from 16th June to 16th July.

FEFA observes the campaign period through monitoring the enforcement of election laws, the campaign process, and the availability of equal opportunities for all candidates.

FEFA observers also attempt to determine if there was a peaceful and safe campaign environment for all candidates.

We appreciate the efforts of institutions such as the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Media Commission (MC), Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) and media organizations to prevent electoral violations in this phase. On the other hand, in spite of the regulations, procedures and the efforts of these oversight bodies, the number of electoral violations has not decreased since voter registration and candidate nomination periods.


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