First Observation Report on Campaign Process of 2014 Presidential Election

The Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) as the largest election observer institution in Afghanistan observed Presidential Elections’ campaign since it kicked off on 2 February 2014. FEFA’s Long Term Observers are watching the Campaign period in all 34 provinces. This exercise is aimed to gage the electoral environment if its conducive for a free and fair elections and it seeks to promote transparency of the electoral process...

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Observation Report on the Complaint Process of 2014 Presidential and Provincial Council Election

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) electoral calendar scheduled the complaint process for 2014 presidential and provincial council elections to begin on October 19, 2013 and last 21 days with an end date of November 9, 2013.
According to article 20th of the Law on IEC’s composition, duties and competencies, the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) is responsible for handling the electoral complaints.
Based on the IEC plan, electoral complaints were reviewed in 35 sites. One site was allocated for reviewing the complaints of presidential contenders and 34 others were allocated for reviewing the complaints of provincial council’s contenders.

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Observation Report on the Voter Registration Process of (May 26, 2013 until September 27, 2013)

According to the plan, the voter registration stage of the electoral process is intended to ensure voting cards are distributed to new eligible voters, returning Afghan refugees, eligible voters who have moved from one constituency to another constituency, those who have lost their voting cards, those whose voting cards are damaged to the point of not being able to recognize their identity, and those who have never received a card before.

The Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan(FEFA) has experience of observing several elections including voter registration process. FEFA observed the voter registration process of 2014 election by financial support of government of Germany through employing 334 long term observers in 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

For observation of the voter registration process FEFA developed a standard questionnair according to electoral law and voter registration procedure, designed a special database and deployed 334 profissional and trained observers in 34 provinces. The observes sent their observation findings to the central office of FEFA and the information were reviewed, analyzed and drafted weekly reports and shared with the IEC and other partener institutions.

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Observation Report on the Voter Registration Process (May 26, 2013 until Sept 27, 2013)

Voter registration program is an important stage of the electoral process through which the eligible people receive voting cards and become ready to participate in election. According to article 33 of constitution and article 12 of electoral law the Independent Election Commission implemented the voter registration process of 2014 election in two phases. The first phase covered 41 centers in 34 provinces. Each center included two sites, one for men and one for women and the second phase of the process was also designed for two month and covered 440 centers which included 880 sites in the districts and villages of the country.

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Tenth Report on the Observation of the Voter Registration Process

The security condition had negative impact on voters’ registration process. The observation reports of FEFA show that in a number of provinces, people were discouraged from participating in the process due to security threats.  In Paktia province 3 bombs exploded near the voter registration center which had negative impact on people and discouraged them from participating in the process...

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