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Youth & Election: Report of Awareness Workshops

FEFA is working to make sure all electoral principles are observed during the election mission. Election fairness is a major principle of election process. Election fairness means that all citizens (voters and candidates) enjoy equal rights and opportunities. It is the basic right of citizens to have Access to information and attend the awareness workshops. Citizens’ awareness on election can guaranty the fairness of election. FEFA found out that the level of citizens’ awareness is low on election process and they don’t have access to information. Many projects have been implemented to increase public awareness on political participation, election, voting methods, and the way of recording electoral complaints but their outcomes were not good. Therefore, FEFA intended to hold a series of awareness workshops on political participation and election process for students of 11th and 12th grades who newly become eligible of participating in election process. These workshops were held in schools at 8 zones of Afghanistan. Firstly, the awareness workshops were held in 20 schools (six workshops at Kabul schools and fourteen other workshops at 7 zones of Afghanistan). Totally, 1000 person including school teachers, students of 11th and 12th grade, university students, districts’ staff attended these workshops subsequently, FEFA held 16 awareness workshops on political participation and election process in 16 schools of 8 zones of Afghanistan. This report present brief information on these programs.

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The Youth’s Political Rights Advocacy Group Held a Meeting on July

Place: FEFA HQ
Participants: members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group
Agenda: Presentation on National Youth Policy

At the beginning of the meeting the report of previous meeting was presented to the participants. Subsequently, a member of the group, Freshta, presented a presentation on the National Youth Policy.
She said that the policy is very idealistic and far from the truths. She added that the policy needs amendments and more concentration.

The following points were declared as shortcomings of the policy:

 The National Youth Policy has considered the Islamic values whereas the minority Hindus and Christians live in Afghanistan, hence consideration of only Islamic values ignore the rights of religious minorities;
 The policy has mentioned only government institutions and hasn’t mentioned the non-government institutions;
 The policy has considered the office of second vice-president of Afghanistan as body on oversight the implementation of the policy but the second vice-president of Afghanistan can’t oversight the implementation of this policy because he is so busy;

Report of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group Meeting

Place: FEFA HQ
Participants: Members of Youth Political Rights


The Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group held a meeting on 2/4/2015 in FEFA HQ to discuss the following issues:
1. Signature of commitment letter with members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group;
2. Presenting Report on holding awareness program in 6th district of Kabul province;
3. Travel of members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group to provinces to implement the focus groups and consultation meetings;
4. The Youth National Policy.

Signature of commitment letter with members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group
The meeting began with distribution of commitment letters to members of the group. The participants of meeting reviewed the commitment letter and subsequently signed it. The members of group promised to voluntary cooperate with the group through signature of the commitment letter.


Presenting Report on Implementation of Awareness Program in 10th district of Kabul

On 20/3/2015 the members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group implemented the youth awareness program in 10th district of Kabul. The implementers of program presented the report of their program to the participants of meeting. The details of their report was as follow:

Youth Awareness Workshops in Schools

The Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) held the awareness workshop on political processes in Kunduz, Bamyan, Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Nangarhar, Paktia and Bamyan. These workshops were held in October and Novermeber, 2014. In Knuduz province the workhop were held in Azrat-Ali and Sea-Darak schools. In Kabul the workshops were held in Zarghona, Malalai, Rabia Balkhi, Istiqlal and Habibia schools. In Bamyan the workshops were held in male and female schools of center. In Kandahar province the workshops held in Kaka-Sayed Ahmad school. In Balkh province the workshops were held in Sultan Ghiasuddin and Sultan Razia schools. In Herat province the workshops held in Kamaluddin Behzad male and female schools. In Nangarhar province the workshops were held in Nangarhar male and female Tajrobawi schools and in Paktia province the workshops were held in Abdulhay Gardezi and Female schools of city.

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Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group (WPRAG)

Based on the challenges and problems faced by female candidates and voters in the past four elections, FEFA took the initiative to bring together a number of prominent women personalities and women’s rights activists and form an advocacy group that strives to seek out the best possible opportunity to ensure women’s concerns are addressed, their political interests are taken into account, and their potential contributions to peace and democracy are maximized.

FEFA formed the Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group (WPRAG) with members from Parliament Representatives, Media, IEC, ICC and National CSOs the Committee meets every 15 days, and has so far had tremendously successful sessions with having most of its objectives accomplished. The members of the group regularly attend the meetings to help enrich the content of the discussions with their valuable ideas and suggestions.

WPRAG also held a meeting with Legal and Judicial Commission to discuss the recommendations on how women can increase the number of seats in IEC &ICC law. Three members of the group each from different categories (MP, ICC and IEC representative) participated in the meeting.
Youth’s Political Rights Advocacy Group (YPRAG)
Youth’s Political Rights Advocacy Group was established by FEFA on October 11, 2014, the purpose establishment of this group is to encourage youths to participate in upcoming electoral process.
There are 30 members in this group and these members are from Parliament, Provincial Consuls, youth organizations, Media and University Students.
In this group we have regular meeting to find out and draft recommendations for IEC and ICC, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of information and culture.

FEFA Marked the International Youth Day!

FEFA marked August 12th the international Youth Day in presence of members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group.

At the beginning of the program, the members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group thanked FEFA for marking this day and shared their views on youth and youth’s role in development of society. The members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group talked on the role and capabilities and responsibilities of youth in Afghanistan. They talked on challenges/problems of youth in Afghanistan and criticized the government for its failure in solving youth problems.

Mohammad Yousuf Rasheed, the executive director of FEFA, congratulated the Youth-Day to the participants of the program and appreciated their activities and achievements. Mr. Rasheed said, “Unfortunately, the government hasn’t handled the problems of youth. However, the heads of National Unity Government had promised in their campaign programs to handle the problems of youth.” Mr. Rasheed added, “The government has also ignored the role of youth in management structure of the government and only allocated a deputy at the framework of Ministry of Information and Culture to youth.” Mr. Rasheed urged the youth to pursue their activities and attempt more for achieving their rights. He also said that the doors of FEFA is always open before the youth, especially the Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group and FEFA will support the programs, activities and recommendations of this group. Likewise, FEFA is ready to provide the necessary facilities for the group.

Subsequently, the Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group ended the program by cutting a cake.


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