FEFA Marked the International Youth Day!

FEFA marked August 12th the international Youth Day in presence of members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group.

At the beginning of the program, the members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group thanked FEFA for marking this day and shared their views on youth and youth’s role in development of society. The members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group talked on the role and capabilities and responsibilities of youth in Afghanistan. They talked on challenges/problems of youth in Afghanistan and criticized the government for its failure in solving youth problems.

Mohammad Yousuf Rasheed, the executive director of FEFA, congratulated the Youth-Day to the participants of the program and appreciated their activities and achievements. Mr. Rasheed said, “Unfortunately, the government hasn’t handled the problems of youth. However, the heads of National Unity Government had promised in their campaign programs to handle the problems of youth.” Mr. Rasheed added, “The government has also ignored the role of youth in management structure of the government and only allocated a deputy at the framework of Ministry of Information and Culture to youth.” Mr. Rasheed urged the youth to pursue their activities and attempt more for achieving their rights. He also said that the doors of FEFA is always open before the youth, especially the Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group and FEFA will support the programs, activities and recommendations of this group. Likewise, FEFA is ready to provide the necessary facilities for the group.

Subsequently, the Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group ended the program by cutting a cake.


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