Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group (WPRAG)

Based on the challenges and problems faced by female candidates and voters in the past four elections, FEFA took the initiative to bring together a number of prominent women personalities and women’s rights activists and form an advocacy group that strives to seek out the best possible opportunity to ensure women’s concerns are addressed, their political interests are taken into account, and their potential contributions to peace and democracy are maximized.

FEFA formed the Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group (WPRAG) with members from Parliament Representatives, Media, IEC, ICC and National CSOs the Committee meets every 15 days, and has so far had tremendously successful sessions with having most of its objectives accomplished. The members of the group regularly attend the meetings to help enrich the content of the discussions with their valuable ideas and suggestions.

WPRAG also held a meeting with Legal and Judicial Commission to discuss the recommendations on how women can increase the number of seats in IEC &ICC law. Three members of the group each from different categories (MP, ICC and IEC representative) participated in the meeting.
Youth’s Political Rights Advocacy Group (YPRAG)
Youth’s Political Rights Advocacy Group was established by FEFA on October 11, 2014, the purpose establishment of this group is to encourage youths to participate in upcoming electoral process.
There are 30 members in this group and these members are from Parliament, Provincial Consuls, youth organizations, Media and University Students.
In this group we have regular meeting to find out and draft recommendations for IEC and ICC, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of information and culture.
YPRAG encourages youths to participate in different Political processes to fighting against the barriers that youth are facing in such process as well.
YPRAG meets twice a month in FEFA HQ and extraordinary meetings are also conducted when needed.
Unlike we were busy with Presidential election 2014 till end of September and we couldn’t conduct regular meetings due to mention reason now we are conducting meetings at the end of each week (Thursday).
Three brochures and one manual were designed by women &youth outreach officer

• Brochures were designed for Women political rights advocacy Group (WPRAG) and Youth political Advocacy Group (YPRAG) on 10th of December 2014 these brochures include information about the group, list of activities they perform and their work guide lines.

• Brochure designed for Women Political rights. in this brochure 4 rights are identified (Right to Freedom of Movement, Right to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, Right to Freedom of Opinion, Information and Expression, Freedom of Forming Associations )and 3 principles ( principle of Non –intimidation, principle of Non – partiality , principle of Non – Discrimination )
Women and youth Political participation Manual is made on 11th December 2014. In this manual we explained the Election process information about IEC and ICC, women and youth participation in election process and FEFA’s youth outreach program, find out of focus groups and public awareness workshops for the youth

Download Broshure to read more about Women Political Rights  Advocacy Group



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