Report of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group Meeting

Place: FEFA HQ
Participants: Members of Youth Political Rights


The Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group held a meeting on 2/4/2015 in FEFA HQ to discuss the following issues:
1. Signature of commitment letter with members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group;
2. Presenting Report on holding awareness program in 6th district of Kabul province;
3. Travel of members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group to provinces to implement the focus groups and consultation meetings;
4. The Youth National Policy.

Signature of commitment letter with members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group
The meeting began with distribution of commitment letters to members of the group. The participants of meeting reviewed the commitment letter and subsequently signed it. The members of group promised to voluntary cooperate with the group through signature of the commitment letter.


Presenting Report on Implementation of Awareness Program in 10th district of Kabul

On 20/3/2015 the members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group implemented the youth awareness program in 10th district of Kabul. The implementers of program presented the report of their program to the participants of meeting. The details of their report was as follow:

Positive Pointes
- The good commencement of program by implementer of program;
- Presenting information on election;
- Presenting information on technical aspects of election whereas majority of youth were candidates agents in election.

Negative Points:

-Majority of participants were from one segment;
-The participants were grudged because majority of them were the agents of loser candidates;
-The participants considered FEFA as an executive body in election processes and draw their questions based on this concept.
-Lack of sufficient time


- Lack of answering the questions unrelated to the issue;
- Observing gender balance in presentation of programs;
- Division work among the members;
- Considering enough time for presentation of program;

Discussion on Trip of members to Provinces to Implement the Youth Awareness Programs
According to 2015 work plane of Women and Youth Outreach Department, FEFA is intended to send a staff of the department along with a member of the group to provinces to hold the focus group and consultation meetings in provinces. The members of group expressed their commitment to voluntary work with FEFA in this regard.
Youth National Policy
The Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group is intended to work on Youth National Policy. This policy is developed by the Youth Deputy of Ministry of Information and Culture but it is not available in their website hence, we urged the members of group to find a copy of policy and bring in upcoming meeting for discussion.
At the end of the meeting the members of group who attended the demonstration for punishment of murderers of Farkhunda were appreciated and the other members of group were urged to take active part in social and volunteer activities.


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