The Youth’s Political Rights Advocacy Group Held a Meeting on July

Place: FEFA HQ
Participants: members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group
Agenda: Presentation on National Youth Policy

At the beginning of the meeting the report of previous meeting was presented to the participants. Subsequently, a member of the group, Freshta, presented a presentation on the National Youth Policy.
She said that the policy is very idealistic and far from the truths. She added that the policy needs amendments and more concentration.

The following points were declared as shortcomings of the policy:

 The National Youth Policy has considered the Islamic values whereas the minority Hindus and Christians live in Afghanistan, hence consideration of only Islamic values ignore the rights of religious minorities;
 The policy has mentioned only government institutions and hasn’t mentioned the non-government institutions;
 The policy has considered the office of second vice-president of Afghanistan as body on oversight the implementation of the policy but the second vice-president of Afghanistan can’t oversight the implementation of this policy because he is so busy;

 The policy has discussed the creation of job opportunities for youth but it hasn’t discussed the principle of transparency in employment process;
 The policy has mentioned the seasonal professions but it hasn’t define it;
 Restricting youth’s role only in consultation in youth affairs;
 The assessment policy will be held every three months;
 Allocation of only a deputy to youth is not enough
 Lack of mentioning youth’s share in the government posts;
 Lack of efficient working system and capacity building for youth;
 Lack of a plan on public awareness on youth’s rights;

Recommended Solutions:
 To ensure citizens’ rights and considering the values of all religious groups in Afghanistan the policy shall be amended;
 The policy shall consider non-government institutions (CSOs) and independent institutions too.
 The commission on oversight the implementation of this policy shall be comprised of the second vice-president, the representatives of ministries of Education, Higher Education, Labor and Social Affairs, Information and Culture, Public Health, Women Affairs, National Defense and international institutions;
 The policy shall define the principle of transparency and its mechanisms;
 The seasonal professions shall be defined;
 Establishment of Ministry of Youth Affairs instead of Youth Deputy;
 Establishment of Departments of Youth in 34 provinces of Afghanistan;
 Using youth’s knowledge and consultation on principle affairs of the country;

At the end of the meeting the members of Youth’s Political Rights Advocacy Group decided to hold a press conference and announce their existence as a group. The group will talk on its objectives, achievements and programs in this conference.



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