Youth & Election: Report of Awareness Workshops

FEFA is working to make sure all electoral principles are observed during the election mission. Election fairness is a major principle of election process. Election fairness means that all citizens (voters and candidates) enjoy equal rights and opportunities. It is the basic right of citizens to have Access to information and attend the awareness workshops. Citizens’ awareness on election can guaranty the fairness of election. FEFA found out that the level of citizens’ awareness is low on election process and they don’t have access to information. Many projects have been implemented to increase public awareness on political participation, election, voting methods, and the way of recording electoral complaints but their outcomes were not good. Therefore, FEFA intended to hold a series of awareness workshops on political participation and election process for students of 11th and 12th grades who newly become eligible of participating in election process. These workshops were held in schools at 8 zones of Afghanistan. Firstly, the awareness workshops were held in 20 schools (six workshops at Kabul schools and fourteen other workshops at 7 zones of Afghanistan). Totally, 1000 person including school teachers, students of 11th and 12th grade, university students, districts’ staff attended these workshops subsequently, FEFA held 16 awareness workshops on political participation and election process in 16 schools of 8 zones of Afghanistan. This report present brief information on these programs.

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