FEFA's Resource Center

FEFA’s resource center has hundreds of books on different subjects in different languages.
FEFA’s resource center has the following facilities:
Different books about legal affairs, politics, culture, history, social sciences, Islam, economy, management, philosophy, Sociology, methods of research, literature and law.
- FEFA’s publications;
- Fast speed internet;
- Computer;
- Printer;
- Photocopying machine;
- Book’s list;
- Relaxed space;
For further information place contact this number: 0799310664
Address: Dehmazang-Ahjari and Najari lane, close to Khawarazmi University and Jahan TV.


Kartee- 4 Hajari Najari Street, Behind Russian Cultural Institute, House#013

Tel:+93-799 -310664

Web site: www.fefa.org.af


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