Young Figures

The Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group which is structured by technical assistance of FEFA held many meetings about the Young Figures book and selected 20 figures including MPs, members of provincial councils, journalists and members of civil society. The criteria which are considered for candidates are age (Based on Youth National Policy youth is called for the person whose age is between 18 to 37 years), educational degree, work experience and social influence. After selection of the candidates a questionnaire was developed to interview the figures. Among 20 figures, we succeeded to interview only 11 of them. Then, the findings of interview were reviewed and analyzed and included in a specific format. The figures who were in Kabul were interviewed face to face but those who were in provinces were interviewed through telephone and email. Two members of Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan are also introduced in this book. The criteria for FEFA’s members were age, education and working commitments.
It is worth mentioning that introduction of young figures is a new proceeding in Afghanistan and will continue in future.

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