Recommendations for the Electoral Policy of the Education Ministry

Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group held a meeting on September 2nd to discuss recommendation proposal for the Ministry of Education.
At the beginning of the session, FEFA shared its report on the first phase of the observation process with a greater focus on major problems hindering women’s participation in the process. The participants were also asked to keep FEFA’s recommendations at the end of the report in mind when lobbying with relevant entities to help diminish challenges facing women. The group then started working on a proposal for the electoral policy of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to enhance the role of the mentioned entity in election. The recommendations are as follows:
1. The Ministry of Education and IEC to sign a MoU.
2. Encourage students of junior and senior classes of high schools to obtain voting cards and participate in elections.
3. IEC to deploy teams of civic educators to teach students about the significance of elections and public participation.

4. IEC to stick posters and flyers related to elections on the walls and doors of schools.

5. The Ministry of Education must maintain impartiality throughout the process.
The group also called on other civil society organizations to cooperate with the Ministry in implementing these recommendations. Participants suggested TV spots should be made illustrating politicians and other prominent personalities including religious leaders registering themselves along with their female partners to encourage men and women across the country to take part in elections.
Participants also decided to increase the number of women in the group and divide tasks and responsibilities amongst them. This will enable all the members to actively take part and attend the meetings regularly.

At the end of the session, the group decided to further work on the proposal and to make an appointment with the Ministry of Education to share the proposal and help enhance the Ministry’s transparent role in elections.

Date: September/02/2013


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