Work Mechanism for Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group

1.0 Purpose:
The advocacy group that is established to strive for the women’s political rights during electoral process is composed of 6 MPs, 3 representatives from CSOs, 3 representatives from independent media outlets and 1 representative from the IEC.
WPRAG, a volunteer group is aimed at advocating women’s political rights in all democratic processes; especially elections.

2.0 Scope:
1. Discuss the challenges facing women during elections and seek resolution to the problems 2. Recommend policies on specific issues and present them to their appropriate agencies 3. Set up and participate at advocacy sessions 4. Promote public awareness on advocating women’s political participation in national political processes

3.0 Procedure:
3.1 Structure:
1. Sessions will be held every 15 days. For urgent sessions to be held, approval of one third of the members is required 2. 7 members of the group shall constitute a quorum to convene sessions 3. Quorum for decision-making is the majority vote of the members present (50+1) 4. Meeting minutes will be recorded and circulated to all the members of the group

3.2 Responsibility:
1. Actively and regularly participate at the sessions
2. Avoid discussing irrelevant issues during sessions
3. Respect the decisions made by the group
4. Perform duties effectively
5. Make efforts in inquiring the goals of the group

3.3 Member Disclaimer:
1. Lack of commitment to achieving the goals
2. Fail to attend three successive sessions without a reasonable excuse
3. Stance against the decisions of the group
4. Disclaimer occurs in consensus voting
5. The new member replacing the disclaimed member in consensus voting shall be from the same sex and same organization


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