WPRAG (Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group)

FEFA believes enhancing the political participation of women in all aspects of democratic and political processes can strengthen the bases for peace-building process. Based on the challenges and problems faced by women candidates and voters in the past four elections, FEFA took the initiative to bring together a number of prominent women personalities and women rights activists and form an advocacy group that strives to seek out the best possible opportunity to ensure women’s concerns are addressed, their political interests are taken into account, and their potential contributions to peace and democracy are maximized.
The group was established following a session discussing the recommended policy drafted by FEFA on enhancing the role of the Ministry of Women Affairs in upcoming elections. The policy was proposed to help MoWA strengthen the political role of women and promote greater participation of women in upcoming elections.
The Committee meets every 15 days, and has so far had tremendously successful sessions with having most of its objectives accomplished including having the recommended policy being on the verge of approval at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. The members of the group regularly attend the meetings to help enrich the content of the discussions with their valuable ideas and suggestions.


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