Declaration of Women Political Rights Advocacy Group on Electoral Reform to Electoral Reform Commission and Government

Women Political Rights Advocacy Group Urge the National Unity Government to Actualize the Commitments it had made on Increasing the Role and Proportion of Women in Governance and Electoral Reform Process
Kabul, June 1, 2015

The Women Political Rights Advocacy Group is lobbying for its proposals to verify women political rights in the country. Thus, it urge the leaders of National Unity Government to actualize the commitments they made during electoral campaign on increasing and strengthening the role of women in leadership of government. The group welcome presence of four women in cabinet and urge the government to not think it is enough for women. Considering presence of four women in cabinet the group urged the government develop a national inclusive program on increase the proportion and role of women in all leadership and management levels of government. Hence, the group raise the following issues as basic demands and principles:

1- During the electoral reform process women challenges and problems must be considered accurately. The group findings from election observation report of FEFA indicated that despite widespread women participation in previous election there were many problems and barriers before women. Unfortunately, continuation of such circumstance in upcoming elections will deprive women from their political rights. Thus, the group has developed a specific proposal and present to the Electoral Reform Commission and government of Afghanistan.
2- During the electoral campaign period the leaders of National Unity Government promised people many times to increase and strengthen the role and proportion of women in government leadership. Likewise, the group held a conference under the name of Election and Women Rights on ( 26 December 2014 ) where presidential candidates attended and received group’s demands and committed to actualize them. Pursuing mentioned issues, group urge leaders of National Unity Government to actualize their commitments on increasing and strengthening women role and proportion in leadership and management level of government.
3- The proposal of Women Political Rights Advocacy Group explicitly mentioned membership of a woman in High Supreme Court, appointing of women as governors, diplomatic agents, deputy-ministers, and heads of general directorates and chairs of independent commissions. Now, the National Unity Government must actualize its commitments and consider the proportion of women in all mentioned sections. At lease the group urge for appointing of 9 women as governors.

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Women Political Rights Advocacy Group-FEFA


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