WPRAG Welcoming the membership of a woman in the Supreme Court council

President Ghani appointed Mrs. Anisa Rasouli as member of Supreme-Court high council through a presidential decree. The women political Rights Advocacy Group welcome this action of National Unity Government and consider it a positive step toward institutionalization of women rights. The Women Political Rights Advocacy Group believe supporting women participation in political structures is a substantive step toward institutionalizing justice and good governance.
Membership of a woman in Supreme-Court high council was a major demand of group shared with presidential candidates prior to 2014 presidential election. At the same time, the presidential candidates had promised to appoint a woman as member of Supreme-Court high council. After the establishment of National Unity Government the Women Political Rights Advocacy Group attempted to pursue its demands on augmenting women participation in political power structure. Additionally, allocating provinces seats, diplomatic agencies, deputies, general directorates, independent commissions and districts to women were another substantive demands of the group. The group urge the government to implement its commitments and increase women portion in all mentioned sectors.
The Women Political Rights Advocacy Group is made up from elite and well-known women including members of parliament, media, civil society organizations, political parties and independent active women. Four years ago, the group established by technical assistance of FEFA to advocate for women political rights and to enhancing women participation in political processes including election. The group has presented specific proposals and recommendations on holding transparent election, strengthening and enhancing women participation in election, resolving women problems in election and supporting women portion in structure of political power, to related institutions.

Kabul- 6/21/2015


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