The Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group Held a Meeting

Date July 27,2015
participants Members of Group
Agenda Discussing the Declaration of Substantive Principle of Electoral Reform and Sharing the Proposal of Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group

Pursuing the previous meetings, the Women Political Rights Advocacy Group (WPRAG) held a meeting on July 27, 2015 in FEFA HQ to discuss the following issues:

  •  Discussing the Declaration of Substantive Principles of Electoral Reform
  •  Discussing the proposal of WPRAG;
  • Discussing on the agenda of meetings with government officials;

The Declaration of Substantive Principles of Electoral Reform was shared with members of the group to review it and add their comments on gender balance in it. The members of group agreed with some articles of the declaration however they urged for amendment of some other articles.

  • Principle 13: paving the ground for monitoring the performance of Electoral Reform Commission;

The location of Electoral Reform Commission in a government place decrease public trust on operation of the commission. Thus, the location of commission must be in another place to pave the ground for observation of public and related institutions (civil society organizations, especially those work in women affairs, women activists) from the operation of commission.

  •  Article 17: release of the list of violated workers of commission

Majority of members disagreed with this principles. Instead they recommended holding of investigation on the commission worker who has perpetrated violation. Then commission can blacklist the worker.

 Principle 21: having regular program of distribution and usage of sensitive material; Principle 23: appointing number of members of electoral commissions based on electoral needs;

Appointing the authorities of commissioners, considering gender balance in structures of electoral commissions and specifying the circumstances for dismissal of members of commissions are not mentioned in the law.

  •  Principle 31: Establishment of Selection Commission
  • Presence of a woman among the members who are introduced by political parties;
  • Presence of a woman in the quota that is considered for civil society;
  •  Principle 34: Changing of electoral system

This principle is against constitution and needs amendment of constitution.

  •  Principle 36: Easement of Conditions of Candidacy for Women

• Women quota in district council elections in mentioned in the proposal of WPRAG too.
• Undertaking special security measures for women during campaign and Election Day
At the end of the meeting the members of group decided to share their proposal with the Electoral Reform Commission in a meeting.


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