Conference Report: Women and Political Participation

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Naim Asghari, programs manager of FEFA welcomed the participants and presented information on FEFA’s proceedings toward electoral reform and public trust building on electoral reform. He said, “The 2014 electoral challenges negatively impacted women.”
“Prior to commencement of work of Special Electoral Reform Commission, FEFA held successive meetings with political parties, CSOs, media and experts and came up with the declaration of substantive principles of electoral reform. The declaration was subsequently presented to government and electoral commissions. Likewise, FEFA’s Women & Youth Outreach Department has developed specific proposals about increasing women participation in political processes and presented to government. Similarly, FEFA held consultation meetings in 8 zones and focus groups in 6 zones to identify barriers before women participation in political processes and come up with specific proposals in this regard. The participants of these consultation meetings and focus groups were the representatives of Women Departments, CSOs, university professors and members of political parties. The report of findings of these consultation meetings and focus groups are now presented to you in this conference.”
Then, Mrs. Parasto Yari (The secretary of advisor of chief executive office) explained the objectives of conference and said, “Women participation in political processes in very important.” She said that Afghanistan is a democratic state but women are marginalized from leadership of the country. She said, “We need to identify the barriers before women participation in political processes and their role in macro-political decision making.” Then, she pointed out the efforts for increasing women role in political processes.” She added that participants of FEFA’s consultation meetings & focus groups have identified the challenges before women political participation and recommended solutions for them.

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Focus Groups Reports From Eight Zones

Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) held the focus groups to discuss the problems of female candidates & voters in 2014 elections. The focus groups were held in Kunduz, Balkh, Herat, Kabul and Bamyan where some members of Wolesi Jirga, the members of provincial councils, the representatives of civil society organizations, women rights activists and the representative of Women Affairs Departments attended to review women challenges in 2014 elections and find the solutions on how to put an end to women problems in future elections.
At the beginning of the focus groups FEFA’s facilitator gave brief information about the background and activities of FEFA and subsequently the participants introduced themselves.

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