FEFA's Meeting with WPRAG on MoWA's E-Policy

FEFA’s Women Outreach division held a meeting on November 8, 2012 to present and discuss the recommendations for MoWA’s electoral policy. The meeting was attended by a number of prominent personalities and women rights activists whose main goals evolve around women’s full accessibility to their political rights. Taking all the challenges and problems women faced as either candidates or voters in the past four electoral cycles into account, the policy was drafted and proposed by FEFA and was shared with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in order to enable this government institution to play its part effectively in strengthening the political role of women in upcoming elections.
A brief introduction of the policy was presented and the goals and expectations of the meeting were set clear at the beginning of the meeting. A PowerPoint presentation prepared by FEFA’s Women Outreach Officer explicitly highlighted the main objectives of the policy. The attendees were then given the time to present their opinions, ask questions and make suggestions for further betterment of the recommended policy. The participants showed their appreciation on the efforts made by FEFA in drafting such insightful recommendations for MoWA’s electoral policy and for conducting such a valuable meeting. The policy was approved by all present.

Participants took FEFA’s suggestion and agreed on creating a committee comprised of political elite, women rights activists and a representative of the Ministry of Women Affairs. They also discussed some of the duties the Committee might carry and the responsibilities the members will have while accepting the membership of the Committee. It was decided that the Committee will meet every 15 days to further discuss the policy and bring in new ideas and suggestions.
The next meeting was decided to be held on November 22, 2012 in FEFA’s main office.


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