Provincial Coordinator

Provincial coordinators are long-term volunteers who manage FEFA’s programs at provincial level. Provincial coordinators are accountable to FEFA’s liaison outreach department. FEFA has 68 provincial coordinator (one man and one woman in each province). Whenever, FEFA has programs for men the male provincial coordinator is responsible for its implementation and when for women the female coordinator is responsible for it.

Duties of provincial coordinator

1. Keeping contact with FEFA through provincial liaison section;
2. Setting up election observation program in provincial level based on FEFA’s instructions;
3. Representing FEFA to Election Commission and Electoral Complaints Commission in provincial level;
4. Attending FEFA’s training programs during election process;
5. Supervising FEFA’s programs in provincial level during election;
6. Implementing FEFA’s training programs in provincial level;
7. Assisting in identification and employment of observers based on FEFA’s request;
8. Assisting FEFA HQ in identification of partner organization in provincial level based on FEFA’s request;
9. Holding training for district coordinators in cooperation with partner organization based on FEFA’s request;
10. Performing any other tasks given by FEFA;

Provincial coordinator’s commitment

1. The provincial coordinator is obliged to keep his/her impartiality during election mission and seriously consider this principle during contacting political parties and candidates;
2. The provincial coordinator will not work with any other similar organization while working with FEFA;
3. The provincial coordinator is responsible for instructing district coordinators and observers based on FEFA’s guideline and is accountable to FEFA;
4. The provincial coordinator perform all his duties and report to HQ on time;
5. The provincial coordinator prioritizes implementation of FEFA’s programs in provincial level and uses every opportunity to implement the programs well;
6. The provincial coordinator promises to implement FEFA’s programs on time;
7. The provincial coordinator supervise observers activities during election processes share the problems with FEFA HQ;
8. The provincial coordinator supervise transparency of financial affairs of programs in provincial level and share the problems with FEFA HQ;
9. If the provincial coordinator wants to change his location after signature of MoU, he/she must let FEFA know 10 days prior to changing his/her place.
10. The provincial coordinator cannot change his/her location without FEFA permission. In emergency cases, he/she must let FEFA know.

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