Wolesi Jirga Complaints Hearing Commission May 3, 2015:

: The session led by Obaidullah Barekzai, the complaints hearing commission chairman. During the session the members have discussed complaints of residents from various provinces.
During the session first they discussed about residents of Paktika province in the presence of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the General Commander of Border Police Commander and Hamid Karzai International Airport. They complained that they are working in Saudi Arabia through Pakistani passports and By the Afghan consul in Saudi Arabia gives them visa on a Pakistani passport but when they come to Afghanistan, they will be arrested at the airport and they are introduced for prosecution to the attorney office. After hearing the information member of commission made that the Minister of Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs should come on Tuesday session 15/02/1394 to solve this problem.
In other side of session, they discussed on Petition of Paghman residents, after discussing they decide that the Acting Minister of Defense, head of Municipal Cadaster should come on Tuesday session 15/02/1394 to give description in this case.
At the end of session the complaint hearing commission discussed about complain of Qarabagh residents and the matter referred to the Ministry of the Interior, also they discussed on 90 expelled of students from Sayed Jamaludin Afghan University. To solve this problem they decide to invite the Director of Sayed Jamaludin Afghan University and Director of Private Universities on Sunday session on 20/02/1394.


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