Plenary session- May 25, 2015

the session chaired by Abdul Raof Ebrahimi head of the lower house, According agenda, the discussion and polling was on Plants protection law and on quarantine, regulation plan and removal of some parts of the procurement law
As a result, with 127 positive votes and 4 negative votes the law was approved by the lower house.
In the second part of agenda, WJ discussed on Procurement & Higher Education law.
The government have asked WJ to refund the above two laws in an official letter, the government insisted that after the correction they will send back these two laws to the WJ for the approval. Finally the lower house put the above laws in to voting, the Procurement Law has been approved to refund with 112 votes in favor and 15 votes against by WJ, as well the Higher Education law has been approved to refund with 107 votes in favor and 20 votes against by WJ.


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