Weekly Polling: Peace Talks

Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) held a polling on peace talks with MPS. This polling aimed to get the MPs views on government’s peace program which hasn’t been effective yet. Likely, the quartet meeting of the United States, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan to provide opportunities to achieve peace in Afghanistan was inconclusive.  Likewise, the MPs have always criticized government’s supplication policy toward government’s armed opponents. After, increase of insecurities in the country and Taliban’s recent suicide bombing on a federal agency in Kabul tasked with protecting senior government officials, the government held a consultative meeting with members of parliament to consult on peace talks and changing stance toward the Taliban. Then, given to article 64th of Constitution the president attended the extraordinary session of parliament on April 25, 2016 to specify the new stance of government toward the insurgents/Taliban. President of Afghanistan called the Taliban the enemies of the people of Afghanistan and emphasized that government is resolute to peace talks.

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