Plenary session- May 6, 2015:

this session led by the first deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga, as per agenda Abdul Qayom Sajadi member of International Affairs commission, provide information about The Law on Residence and Travel of Foreigners Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This law has been developed in eight chapters and fifty two articles. But due to lack of quorum, the vote was postponed to the next day.
In the second part of agenda, the report from the problem assessment of university entrance from this year has been represented by the Homaira Ayubi member of the the Committee on Religious Affairs and Cultural Affairs of Higher Education. According to the report, the MP’s were not satisfied and they asked the Religious Affairs and Cultural Affairs of Higher Education Commission to appeal this issue once again with the ministry of higher Education and then present in the next plenary session.

Plenary session- May 4,2015:

The session led by Abdul Raouf Ebrahimi President of the lower house, as per agenda they discussed on Expanding recent insecurity in the country in the presence of Mohmad Hanif Atmar National Security Advisor, Enayatullah Nazari Acting minister of Defence, Rahmatullah Nabil General Director of National Security.
Members of parliament demanded to provide a clear and serious response by security officials about the security problems in the country but according to the decision of lower house members the meeting held the end of the session Abdul Zahir Qader first spoker of the lower house told the media and observers that the Description of the security officials were not satisfactory

Plenary session- May 2, 2015

1. Plenary session- May 2, 2015: The first deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga has chaired the session. It was expected that the country's security officials, including National Security Adviser to respond to the increasing insecurity, especially the war in Kunduz but they didn’t come.
After detailed discussion, the decision was made that the country’s security officials should come to the session on Monday this week to respond & answer our specific questions about increasing insecurity.


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