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AleemaDr. Alema Alema was born in Kabul city, Afghanistan. After completing her secondary education in Zarghona High School, Kabul, Ms. Alema entered university of Leipzig of Germany to study peace and conflict resolution. After receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Ms. Alema went on to receiving her PhD in the aforementioned field. Ms. Alema has extensive experience in political affairs and has research and analytical publications and books on Afghanistan’s political history and its international relations.Dr. Alema is a civil society and women’s rights activist and is one of the founders of Afghan Women Solidarity Committee, Women’s Political Participation Committee and Women 50% Campaign. 
Farida NaikzaMs. Nekzad is the director and editor in chief of Wakht, an agency covering news from all over Afghanistan with its well skilled reporters and journalists with special focus on human rights, women issues and development. She is a board member of Afghan Journalist Federation and India Afghan Foundation. Ms. Nekzad is also the president of South Asia Women in Medai and a senior executive board member of AIJA, a union of journalists representing 2000 independent professional journalists from all over the country. AIJA is an associated member of International Federation of Journalists and founding member of South Asia Media Solidarity Network. Prior to her current position, she founded Pajhwok News Agency and worked there as the operation and news director for four years. She has held positions such as media trainer at the Center for International Journalism, producer and media trainer at IWPR and IMPACS (a British and Canadian training organization for journalists), talk show presenter at Aina Radio and freelance reporter for BBC Radio, IWPR, Heffat monthly and CCA. With years of experience in the field of media, Ms. Nekzad has been recognized widely with national and international awards. She received the International Press Freedom Award from the Canadian Journalist for Free Expression in 2007, Courage in Journalism Award from International Women’s Media Foundation in 2008 in Los Angeles and in the same year she accepted the International Press Freedom Award from Committee to Protect Journalist in New York City. Ms. Nekzad is an active member of the Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group and contributes remarkably in the activities and meetings by inserting valuable inputs..
Gulsoom StarzaiGulsoom Satarzai, who is currently working as the executive director of Afghan Women Services & Education Organization (AWSE) and ACSONP periodically as the chairperson, has worked as civil society activist for more than a decade in Afghanistan.  She graduated from Education University of Kabul and has attended many short term courses in social sciences and management. She has participated in different national and international meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences and has played an active role in strategy and policy development of Afghan Civil Society Organizations Network for Peace (ACSONP). Ms. Satarzai serves as the board member of HARAC (Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium), AFCAC (Afghan Civil Society Coalition against Corruption) and ANCB (Afghan NGOs Coordination Body). She has contributed remarkably in development of the Law of Elimination of Violence against Women and is one of the most active members of the Women’s Political Rights Advocacy Group..
Masouda KarokhyMasouda Karokhi was born in Karokh District, Herat Province in 1959. She finished her primary educations in Gowhar Shad School and secondary education in Mehry high school of Herat. She then joined the teacher training university, where she received her graduation diploma in 1979. Besides her teaching career, Ms. Karokhi served as a social and human rights activist for decades.In 2003, on behalf of women of Herat province, Ms. Karokhi attended the Loya Jirga on the constitution of Afghanistan. Back then, Ms. Karokhi was also a member of the Women Development Center (W.D.C) through which she attended a month long leadership program in the U.S.In 2010, Masouda karokhi ran for the Lower House of the Afghan National Assembly and successfully secured a seat in the House representing Herat Province. She has been members of many institutions working for peace and equality such as Afghan Women Network –the Environment Association, Afghanistan Civil Partnership and Joint Commission of Political Parties.
Nilofar IbrahimiNilofar Ibrahimi was born in Mehrcan Taqib District of Badakhshan province in 1975. After completing her secondary education at Abida Balkhi High School in Mazar –e- Sharif, Ms. Ibrahimi joined the University of Mazar Sharif where she graduated with a degree in medicine. After her graduation from school of medicine, Nilofar Ibrahimi as per need of the time, headed toward Keshm district, her birth place, in order to work as an obstetrician at a CHC Clinic. With persistent efforts, she promoted the clinic primarily to CHC+ and then to the DH, or District level Hospital. During her work as a doctor, for the first time, Ms. Ibrahimi organized a glorious event in the occasion of International Women’s Day for the women of the district. At the same time, Ms. Ibrahimi motivated many councils and voluntary associations for raising women awareness in regard to medical tips and many other social and cultural issues.In the Parliamentary Elections of 2010, Ms. Ibrahimi nominated herself to represent Badakhshan province and successfully won a seat among other 9 candidates of Badakhshan in the Lower House. Ms. Ibrahimi is an active member of the Health Committee of the House and a prominent advocate to women’s rights.
Rihana AzadRaihana Azad has been an elected member of the Afghan Parliament since 2010. She represents Uruzgan province in the Wolesi Jirga and is an active member of the committee for civil society, human rights and women affairs. From 2005 until 2009 she served as the Deputy Chief of Daikundi’s Provincial Council. In 2004, Azad worked for United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) as a civic educator and later as a team leader With United Nations Office for Project Service (UNOPS) in Uruzgan. She is a founding member of the supervisory board of National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan and holds a membership in the Afghans Women’s Network. In her commitment for the betterment of the status of women and girls in Afghan society, Azad has supported UNICEF in the establishment of girl’s schools in Daikondy Province. Raihana Azad holds a degree in International relations from Katib University in Kabul..
Soraya ParleekaSuraya Parlika was born in Kamari village of Bagrami District of Kabul province in 1944 in an educated family. After graduating from Zarghona High School, she entered the Kabul University and graduated with a degree in economics in 1966.In 1987, Suraya was elected as the director of the Democratic Organization of Women and at the same year held a conference with the participation of representatives of international organizations of 21 countries including International Federation of Women in Kabul. At the conference the participants announced their support for the Afghan women.From 1986 until 1992, Ms. Perlika worked as the Secretary General of the Afghan Red Crescent Society. In 1992, she established the All Afghan Women’s Union and after the collapse of Taliban, in 2002, she was elected as a member of the Independent Emergency Commission of Loya Jerga (Grand Council). Suraya along with two other members of the Independent Emergency Commission of Loya Jerga traveled to Iran where they met and spoke to more than 50,000 Afghan migrants and accumulated their views. The purpose of the travel was to select migrants’ representative for Loya Jerga.Suraya is a well known personality among Afghan women .She received the highest percentage of vote to attend the Loya Jerga of constitution in 2003. She has participated in many national and international conferences such as the first Bonn Conference in 2003, Paris conference on Afghanistan in 2008, second Bonn conference in 2011 and Tokyo conference in 2012. Suraya Parlika was also nominated for the Noble peace Prize of 2005 with other 100 women around the world.
Sharifa ZurmatiMs. Zurmati was born in Zurmat district of Paktia, Afghanistan, in 1968. She received the B.A. degree in Pashto language and literature from the University of Education, Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1996. In 2001, she joined R.T.V, Afghanistan’s public Radio Television network as news presenter, and in 2002 became a journalist and news presenter for radio “Good Morning Afghanistan”. In 2004, she joined Impax organization as producer of parwana radio station and still kept her job as news presenter at R.T.V. Ms. Zurmati started pursuing a different career and ran for the parliamentary elections in 2005. She was elected to represent Wardak province in Wolesi Jirga. She has been an active member of civil society organizations, holding positions such as the vice president of Afghan Media Union, general director of Support Afghan Women Org, president of Paktia, Khost and Paktika council in Kabul, vice president of Civil Society Coordination Center and member of Independent Commission for Dispute Resolution and People Government Relation. She is currently advisor to the Parliament on social society and gender..
Zahra NaderiFarkhunda Zahra Naderi was born in 19th April 1981 in a spiritual family in Afghanistan. She commenced her primary and secondary education in Kabul and Baghlan provinces, and completed her baccalaureate in 2001 in Harrow female High school, UK. Thereafter, Ms. Naderi entered A Level in College in England and completed her studies in Tashkent. In 2004, Ms. Naderi joined the Law Faculty at the Westminster International University in Tashkent and from 2004 to 2005 she was the representative to the faculty. In 2007, Ms. Naderi graduated Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the mentioned University. In 2008 she was a scholar to the International Conference of Munster University International Model of United Nations (MUIMUN) in which she achieved an outstanding participation award in International Court of Justice. Ms. Naderi joined the Hezbi Paiwandi Meli Afghanistan’s Political Party (HPMA) in order to encourage women’s participation in politics and to corporate with youths. In 2007, the Central Council of the party appointed Ms. Naderi as the Head of Women’s Committee &Youth Association. From that time, Ms. Naderi has succeeded to develop Organizational structure for Economical, Cultural, Disciplinary and Sport Committees; weekly publication of HAPMA Youth Association, Educational Centre; Hapma Knowledge House, Scholarship for youth Higher Education; Sports Club and music teams. Ms. Naderi is a member of the lower house of Parliament representing Kabul province. She was an active member of the Commission on Women’s Affairs, Human Rights and Civil Society from 2011 to 2012. Ms. Naderi received the membership of Democracy and Human Rights committee of Inter Parliamentarian Union in 2013 and won the N-Peace award from International Peace Network in 2012.





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