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Local Observers

Observers are short-term volunteers who are employed to observe the election process. Observers are accountable to district coordinators and report them. The numbers of observers are specified by FEFA.

Commitments of local observers

  1. Observing the principle of impartiality during election observation;
  2. The local observer cannot leave his/her duty station without permission of FEFA’s district coordinator;
  3. In emergency cases, he must let the district coordinator know, he/she is leaving his/her duty station temporary;

 Duties of local observer

  1. Observing and monitoring different electoral stages and reporting to district coordinator;
  2. Attending FEFA’s training programs;
  3. Getting information about his/her duty station;
  4. Observing the electoral processes and polling station where he/she is assigned by district coordinator;
  5. Providing accurate and impartial reports from voting process;
  6. Keeping contact with electoral staff and observers who are in polling station;
  7. Performing any other duties given to him/her by FEFA through provincial coordinator.

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