Upper House of parliament appreciated FEFA


Meshrano Jirga appreciated the leadership and some staff members of FEFA on 3rd of May 2017 for their active parliamentary monitoring program and their attempts toward reforming the electoral system of Afghanistan. The secretary of Meshrano Jirga and some senators granted letters of appreciation to FEFA and thanked it for its parliamentary monitoring initiative and electoral reform efforts.

Dr. Mohammad Tayeb Atta secretary of Meshrano Jirga said, “FEFA has covered the activities of parliament over the past few years and regularly reported to people to strengthen parliament’s relation with people and increase the level of transparency in parliament. Therefore, Meshrano Jirga is grateful of FEFA and appreciate it.”

Then, Mohammad Yousuf Rasheed, the executive director of FEFA thanked Meshrano Jirga for appreciating FEFA and said, “FEFA is a national organization which strives to strengthen the democratic processes and structures. We have always tried to report parliament’s performance, achievements and developments to people.” The session ended after the secretary and some members of Meshrano Jirga granted letters of appreciation to leadership and some staff members of FEFA.


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