Parliamentary Monitoring Report (February-2012)

Issues of the Plenary Sessions

Wolesi Jirga discussed and evaluated financial Qatia of 2010 State Budget (p.3)

The Minister of Finance and the Head of the Audit and Control Office were called into question concerning lack of transparency in financial Qatia budget of 2010 (p. 4)
Agreement on establishment of international development law office and friendship and co- operation treaty between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Republic of Turkmenistan was approved by Wolesi Jirga(p.8)

Issues of Parliamentary Committees

Agriculture Minister reported to the Committee on Natural Resources, Environment, and Public Welfare in a public hearing(p.12)

Issues that parliamentary committees discussed on them on 28/February /201

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Conducting MPs accountability session in Nengarhar Province

FEFA conducted a round table on April 9, 2013 in Nangarhar province. The roundtable was attended by 72 persons (members of Wolesi Jirga, members of provincial councils, and representatives of CSOs). The roundtable was conducted to discuss the problems and issues of the province and to build relation among MPs and their constituents. One week before conducting the roundtable, FEFA had interviewed the officials of Canal, Water and Electricity, Commerce and members of the provincial councils to identify the challenges people face in this province. The results showed that People of Nangarhar have problems mainly in the following fields: Canal, water, drinking water, electricity, commerce, land usurpation and etc…
The biggest problems of Nangarhar province are as follows:

Lack of electricity in some parts of the province is a big challenge for the residents of this province. Other problems include the canal of Nangarhar, usurpation of government lands, shortage in the number of protection unit and lack of electrification of the industrial factories.


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