Parliament’s Perception on Electoral Reforms 2015

The third Afghan presidential election was held on April 2014 with an unprecedented voter turnout. Afghans, despite serious security threats went to the polls and casted their votes. In contrast to public expectation, the IEC failed to announce the results on time, which was the first alarming sign of a flawed process. In the first round, none of the candidates were able to win the majority (50+1) of votes that led to runoff elections. The two frontrunners competed in the second round, however, due to massive fraud, lack of transparency in adjudication of electoral complaints and intervention of government officials in the process, the run-off process brought no concrete results. The electoral commissions (the IEC and the IECC), as a result, lost their credibility to the public and to their national and international stakeholders.

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Parliamentary Monitoring Report (January-2014)

After long debates among Ministry of Finance and Wolesi Jirga finally Wolesi Jirga approved the 2014 budget on January 15, 2014. According to the MPs the draft budget had a lot of problems such as inattention to infrastructures, allocating a high percentage of budget for security and discretionary codes and transiction of budget from previous years.
It is worth mentioning that the draft was rejected by Wolesin Jirga on January 4,2014 due to the following reasons:

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Parliamentary Monitoring Report (December-2013)

Wolesi Jirga Reviwed the problems of valunerable groups of the society such as children and women in presence of government officieals. Reviewing the problems of vulnerable groups of the socity in presence of governmetn officials is a positive development of this month.
Starting debate on the draft-law on Mines and Petroleum which was sent to Wolesi Jirga several months ago is another achievement of Wolesi Jirga.
Accurat discussion on the two major financial documents (2013 fiscal document and 2014 budget) is also counted positive development of the month.

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Parliamentary Monitoring Report (November-2013)

Wolesi Jirga approved the law on Commercial Agencies and Child Legal Gaurdianship. Comperhensive reviewing of draft-laws and agreements and amending some of them is the most positive development of this month of Wolesi Jirga. Representatives of people in Wolesi Jirga expressed their views on the draft-law on Financial rent, draft-law on value added tax, draft-law on local governance and cooperation agreement among Afghanistan and Norway.

Questioning sessions of the committees of Wolesi Jirga to review the expediture of development budgets of ministries specially those who were unable to spend their development budgets, is another positive development of the month.
Following the appreciating of champions, Wolesi Jirga appreciated members of national cricket team for ascending to the world cup competitions and two senior Afghan Qaries.

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Parliamentary Monitoring Report (Sept & Oct-2013)

After summer recess reviewing people problems was in top agenda of Wolesi Jirga. During the summer recess MPs went to their provinces to visit people and note the problems. After the summer recess overed MPs present their reports to the plenary session of Wolesi Jirga and administrative board of Wolesi Jirga promised to share the problems with the related government institutions.
Appreciating the national football team can decelop sport in the country and encourage athlets for more efforts. Summoning the related government officials to present information about reconstruction of devastated regions of Surubi district of Kabul, questioning executive officials to review the reason that why the price of airplane ticket is increased, reviewing the reasons of insecurity in highways and reviewing the mines problems are considered other positive developments of the month.

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