FEFA Conducts a Survey on Election and Good Governance

After the collapse of Taliban in late 2001, the new government was established; the constitution was codified and the dictatorship was replaced to the democracy and rule of people. However Afghanistan passed four elections cycles within the last ten years it still faces challenges which need to be reformed immediately.

Strengthening democracy and good governance in Afghanistan is a goal of FEFA. FEFA is a national independent civil society organization which is established to observe the implementation of democratic process and institutionalize democracy and good governance in the country. FEFA observes the electoral process, the performance of the national assembly, conducts surveys and researches and do lobbying for electoral reform and women political rights to support the democratic principles in the country.
FEFA conducts a research and will focus on the following issues:
strengthening democracy, good governance, transparent and fair election, role of political parties in the election, women participation in electoral process and etc.. FEFA will collect the opinion of the different categories of the society regarding the mentioned issues. The research will cover all the country and the interviewees will be asked questions about the mentioned issues.
FEFA believes the results of this research will reflex the public opinion on the mentioned issues. The results of this research can be a good resource for the policy makers and programmers to use them while codifying policies, plan or program.
After the research is completed and FEFA could get access to the opinion of people. FEFA will lobby for the results and consider them in its missions especially in the upcoming 2014 presidential election.

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