An Evaluation of the SNTV Electoral System in Afghanistan Overview

Wednesday, 07 December 2011

In democratic countries particular focus has been given to voting method or election systems. Because, electoral systems have consistently affected the overall political development process, and have had direct and reciprocal effects on the structure of the political and economic system and power structure.

An election system can also have a decisive role in the method of electing country’s political leaders.

It is clear that reforms of election system, considering political development priorities, is a sustainable process and has always been in the focus of political leaders, due to the fact that, the type and effectiveness of a system is an important motive for stability and development in a country.

In recent years reforming the election system in Afghanistan has been the subject of debates by local and international organizations, but no practical steps have been taken so far. Therefore, it is necessary to take concrete steps in addressing the irregularities identified in the past elections and to enhance debates on substantial issues related to the electoral processes in order for the reform to succeed.

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