FEFA's Statement on final result of presidential Election 2014

May 16, 2014, Kabul- Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) welcomes the announcement of final results of presidential elections by the IEC and urges the electoral commissions to take required serious measures to address immediately some of the shortcomings observed in the first round of the elections. FEFA welcomes the announcement of final results of presidential elections by the IEC. Based on the final results announced by IEC and in accordance to the prevision of the constitution and electoral law a runoff will be held among the two frontrunner candidates. The announcement of final results by IEC officially gives an end to the first round of elections. Its time for IEC to put all its efforts in preparing for conduct of free and fair elections for a second round. These preparations should also include assessment of ballot shortage and sanctioning those of IEC employees that were involved in facilitation of electoral frauds. Elections facing runoff is an electoral principle and an accepted rule by the Afghan constitution.

FEFA Press Release on primary result of 2014 Presidential Election

Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) welcomes release of preliminary results from 2014 presidential polls but at the same time expresses its concerns over the latest ungrounded and unprofessional statements made by officials of the electoral commissions:

FEFA welcomes April 26th’s release of preliminary results from the country’s Presidential elections by the Independent Election Commission and considers it as yet another major milestone in electoral process. However, FEFA believes based on the Election Law, these results are not at the final and the most critical stage, the adjudication of complaints and appeals and the release of the final results are yet to take place. Therefore, the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission carries a massive responsibility of handling and adjudicating complaints which will ultimately led to the increased public confidence and entrustment of the candidates in the results if implemented in a timely, transparent and professional way.
FEFA as a national observation, nonpartisan organization has observed all the stages of the elections and has regularly shared its findings with the electoral commissions as a partner and stakeholder of the process in accordance with its mandate and accepted observers standard role, not as a complainant. Internationally accepted observation standards commonly used makes observation organizations the citizen’s representative to watch the electoral process, to increase the level of transparency and to provide the electoral institutions and the public with their independent assessment of the process. And when needed, the observation findings are also used by electoral institutions to help provide extensive information required for the adjudication process of complaints and the audit of the public vote.

FEFA Election Day Observation Statement

FEFA is honored to announce that the organization has now been able to successfully monitor three cycles of presidential and provincial council elections. This brief Election Day statement is result of observation of more than 9500 observers of FEFA throughout the country. This statement seeks to present major patterns of irregularities and highlights the provinces where these irregularities were observed in higher frequencies on April 5, Election Day.  Details of such incidents and practices shall be provided to the Independent Elections Complaints Commission and Independent Elections Commission along with supplementary documents including pictures and videos for their further investigation.

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FEFA 's Press Statment on Voting Process of Election 2014

Kabul, April 5, 2014
Today 5th of April marks a historic momentum for the Afghan people who voted to sustain democracy through extensive and passionate participation in the voting process.
Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) that observed the 2014 presidential and provincial council elections with over 10,000 short-term and long-term observers praises the widespread participation of people in the election process and acknowledges the efforts made by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and other stakeholders, including candidates, monitors and observers to efficiently monitor and organize such a national event FEFA, in particular honors the effective measures taken by the Afghan security forces to provide adequate security and facilitate a safe environment for aspirant voters. Also, FEFA is particularly grateful to their volunteer observers who despite security challenges were present at the polling centers greatly contributing to the overall credibility of the process. Extensive participation of women and men in secure and insecure parts of the country shows that the level of public confidence in the process, compared to the previous periods, has significantly increased.

FEFA will undertake the largest domestic election observation for the 2014 Presidential and Provincial elections.

Kabul, 17 December 13:
The Free and Fair Elections Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) and the Embassies of Canada, Denmark, Germany and the UK signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the FEFA election observation programme for the 2014 Presidential and Provincial elections.
FEFA’s electoral observation programme will hire up to 10,000 observers during the 2014 elections in Afghanistan. This undertaking will be the largest single domestic observation mission ever in the country. 2014 will be a pivotal milestone in Afghanistan’s political transition, as the country heads to the polls to choose their first new leader since 2001. The International Community is working closely with the Afghan Government to promote a smooth electoral process. Independent observation will be a crucial factor in encouraging an election that is transparent, inclusive and credible.
The Embassies of Canada, Denmark, Germany and the UK signed the MoU with FEFA, which expresses their support for FEFA’s election observation project. Together, they have committed to providing over $3.8 million funding to cover all of FEFA’s electoral observation phases.
“To make our fragile democracy work, as Afghans it is our responsibility and core national obligation to increase the transparency of the electoral process and ensure its success” said Nader Nadery Chairman of FEFA. “We are grateful that our international partners are standing with us in our quest for a more credible, free and fair elections.”
FEFA is an Afghan non-governmental organization which has been the largest organisation involved in election observations in Afghanistan, with near nationwide coverage. In the 2009 Presidential elections, FEFA was able to field observers in 65% of the country. For 2014, its ambition is to increase that coverage to 70%, including some of the most remote parts of the country.


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