Women Political Rights Advocacy Group’s Recommendations on Electoral Law Presented

April 04, 2013
We,as members of the Afghan national assembly, CSOs, IEC, Ministry of Women Affairs and representatives ofmedia outlets express our concerns regarding the full and equal participation and involvement of women in elections and veraciously acknowledgment of the article 83 of the Afghan Constitution (quota) in the proposed Election Law.
Newly introduced democracy faces many challenges in Afghanistan, especially when it comes to women related issues. Deprivation of women from their political rights has caused women to take less active part in political processes especially in elections.
Women Political Rights Advocacy Group which is composed of members of the national assembly, representatives of CSOs, Independent Election Commission, Ministry of Women Affairs and media strives to strengthen women’s role in elections and enhance women’s access to their political rights. Over several consecutive sessions,the Group formulated a set of recommendations on specific women clauses of the Election Law and presented it to the members of Parliament, CSOs and media on April 04, 2013. The recommendations are as follows:

Officially Announcement of Presidential Election Day

Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan Organization (FEFA) expresses its appreciation on the official announcement of Presidential Elections date set by the government according to the Afghan constitution and considers it a major indicator of the Afghan government’s commitments made in Tokyo Conference.
Nader Nadery chair of FEFA said, “By officially announcing the date of presidential election the uncertainty about the date of election has ended.” He added, “Now the Afghans expect the government and the parliament to reform the electoral laws as soon as possible and facilitate a fair and free election.”
FEFA appreciates the official announcement of the presidential elections’ date and therefore asks the activists of CSOs and political parties to take major steps toward educating people about elections and democratic electoral process.
FEFA also asks the Afghan security forces to take required preparations for maintaining security for the upcoming election and assure people of a secure and transparent election.
Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan Organization (FEFA) is an Afghan nonprofit, impartial and independent organization which was established in 2004 by a number of CSOs to observe the elections, institutionalize democracy, increase the level of public participation at electoral process and increase the public trust on democratic processes.

Thursday, 01 November 2012 07:28

The Viewpoint of FEFAo on the Draft Proposal of the IEC Regarding the Electoral Law

Afghanistan’s Electoral Law of 1384 (2005/06) was enacted through an executive decree in a time and circumstance in which governmental institutions and civil society organizations had not been organized based on the new Constitution and no all-encompassing expert work was done on the draft version of the Law. Additionally, the Electoral Law of 1388 (2009/10) was rushed through promulgation in an executive decree, incomplete consultations were conducted with the two houses of the National Assembly, and other relevant institutions and experts did not adequately comment on the Law.
Therefore, the text and content of the Electoral Law are fraught with many inadequacies and shortcomings and overall developments in the country during the past ten years require further changes in the electoral system and in different aspects of the Electoral Law.
The initiative and preparedness of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for the reform of the Electoral Law in consultation with civil society organizations and experts are completely appropriate and welcomed and supported by the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan organization (FEFAo). However, FEFAo believes that although the IEC draft proposal has a generally positive tendency, the proposal has many inadequacies and shortcomings that are discussed below.

Call For Electoral Reform in Bonn 2 – Conference

Representatives of around 100 countries are meeting with their Afghan counterpart tomorrow December 5th in Bonn Germany to discuss Afghanistan’s transition in taking full responsibility of its security institutions and to endorse Afghan government’s vision of development post 2014.
FEFA calls on Afghan government and its international partners to commitment to further consolidation of democracy in Afghanistan.
FEFA believes the Free and fair Election process one of the effective tools in institutionalization of democracy and an enabling factor for Afghan government to rally people around its development agenda’s today and the future. Therefore, reforming Afghanistan’s broken electoral system should be a priority commitment of Afghan government at the Bonn conference.
This reform must include electoral laws reform in a way to ensure transparency of election, impartial and professional performance of electoral bodies, and active presence of political parties and non-interference of governmental entities in upcoming electoral process particularly in 2014presidential election.
FEFA calls upon Afghan government’s international partners to not lower down the bar on democracy and human rights while discussing future of Afghanistan tomorrow at the Bonn conference and the in the future.
Nader Nadery Chairman of FEFA said today “future success in Afghanistan is largely based on Strengthening of democratic institutions; therefore the efforts for institutionalization of democratic Values must be an essential part of the Bonn Conference outcome.”

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