Result and Data

The Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group held a meeting

Date: 6/16/2016
Time: 1:00 to 2:00
Participants: Members of Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group
Agenda: collecting data for quarterly, making a group to hold seminars, work on focus group questions and conclusion.
The Youth Political Rights Advocacy Group held a meeting on June 6, 2016 in FEFA HQ. The objective of this meeting was collection of data for quarterly, exchanging view on holding the second focus group in a university and discussing about holding of seminars in schools.
First the participants talked on holding of awareness campaign for youth in schools and decided to present a brief power point presentation on election and hold shows on voter registration, candidates’ registration, campaign and vote counting for students.
Then, Mrs. Mariam Arween (facilitator of the meeting) presented brief information about lessons learned from the first focus group held in Gharjistan University. She talked about the focus group methodology and said that at the beginning of the focus group we presented information on importance of provincial councils, electoral constituencies and electoral system to the participants and then began focus group.
She also talked on the challenges of first focus group and said that one challenge was technicality of focus group’s questions so we couldn’t receive the questions complete answer. She added that participant of many participants was another challenge so we were unable to get their answers. She said we need to consider the following issues in upcoming programs:
- Reviewing the questions;
- Preparing easy and understandable questions;
- Inviting the students of third and fourth year of universities;
- Inviting 12 students as participants not more than that;
- Inviting a university lecturer to participate the program;
Then, the participants of meeting discussed the questions of focus group. A member of the YPRAG, Shaygan, recommended preparing the questions easy, short and understandable. Another member of YPRAG, Arghawani, added that we need to get the recommendations of participants about our program too.
The group decided to contact Adrak and Khurshid universities for holding the second focus group.


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